JavaScript30 - Day 30

By Camilla Krag Jensen naxoc |

The final day of #javascript30 is a whack a mole game. I'm not going to write about that, but just do a little bit of evaluation on the #javascript30 month.

For whatever reason, it took me forever to get to doing the last day of #javascript30. I have really enjoyed the course and I was going on 25 days streaks of publishing a blog post with it, and then suddenly it took me over 2 weeks to write the last blog post.

#javascript30 was really great. I learned at ton that I might have known already to some degree, but I had never used to make something where I got to put the things together. It felt great to admit that while I have been making a living as a (backend) programmer for well over 10 years, I was bad at Javascript. Admitting that made it easier for me to choose to follow a "simpler" course on JS instead of tripping myself up with trying to use a framework while pretending that I understood ES6, Webpack, and tons of other things at once. The course is really well put together and I enjoyed the tasks very much. It seems trivial, but I find that it can be really hard to come up with ideas for small projects to work on when learning, but the projects in the course were really useful and fun.

My favorites things about the course were:

  • The array workouts
  • The speech recognition stuff
  • Learning ES6 syntax (wow, I really like that).
  • Really understanding the events the browser fires.
  • Doing cool shit that looks cool.
  • Felling like I have something to blog about again.

So thank you very, very much for an awesome free course, @wesbos. I would recommend it to everybody that is either learning Javascript or someone like me who has been using frameworks that kinda hid the real understanding of the language. Doge recommends